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TALES from the TANK

A collection of true stories in Brevard County, FL that have occurred when the septic tank did not get the proper attention.

Do you have a “Tale from YOUR tank”? It was most likely a rough situation, but your story could help others avoid it happening to them!

*DISCLAIMER* Yucky stories and photos below!


Stacy called because she had sewage backing up into her showers. Upon inspection, we found a clog in one of the pipes, causing the septic system to fail. The clog was due to grease and detergent being put down the drain and accumulating since the was the last time it had been pumped years ago.

Palm Bay, FL
Homeowner – home built in 1985

10 years since previous pumping


John is a husband and father of 4 daughters and called us in a panic because he was experiencing back-ups in their toilets. When our team went out for inspection, they opened up the septic tank lid and hundreds of cotton balls and loads of toilet paper started spilling out of the top, causing it to spread all over the yard. John’s lovely wife and daughters had been throwing their cotton balls and extra toilet paper down the toilet over the last 4 years, and it built up and helped clog up their septic system.

NE Palm Bay, FL
Homeowner – home built in 2003

4 years since previous pumping


Joe had a system that kept backing up even though the system had already been redone within the past 2 years. There was major clogging in the filter due to baby wipes being flushed down the toilet(s) from renters over the course of 2 years.

Melbourne Beach, FL
Rental Home

2 years since system was rebuilt


An older couple contacted because they couldn’t understand why they were having sewage backing up in their home. At first, it was believed that the drain field was bad, however, after the tank had been fully pumped by our team, it was discovered there were hundreds of condoms clogging the pipes so badly the water couldn’t get out into the drain field.

Jim and Gerda
West Melbourne, FL
Homeowner – home built in 1982


3 days after moving into a new rental property, a young girl in her early 20’s woke up to standing raw sewage throughout her house with all her packed boxes and belongings sitting in the mess. Because the tank hadn’t been inspected before moving in, the new renter had no idea running the showers, sinks, and toilets would cause the septic tank to fail and spill out into the home.

Palm Bay, FL
Rental – home built in 1985


Septic system was in alarm. The customer called several different companies, but none were available to come out for days! Knowing her tank had not been pumped out, we also knew this would cause a HUGE mess. So we got her an appointment immediately and her septic system working for her in no time.

Palm Bay, FL
Homeowner – home built in 2005


Our customer could not get rid of the infestation of gnats and no-see-um bugs coming from the toilets and drains. Our service truck came to pump the septic tank and steam jet / pressure wash all of the drains and the tank to get rid and kill off any eggs.

Melbourne, FL
Homeowner – home built in 1993


Our customer had their sinks, toilets and showers backing up into the home, creating a giant mess and terrible odor. They are a multi-member family who have kids that need to shower for school! We got the call and headed out there Immediately.

Grant, FL
Homeowner – home built in 1976

Share YOUR Tale From the Tank

Do you have a “Tale from YOUR tank”? It was most likely a rough situation, but your story could help others avoid it happening to them!

  • This information is shared to help other people avoid tank tragedies!
  • The type of tank you have almost always depends on the year it was built!
  • i.e.: showers and toilets backing up with raw sewage, sewage in yard, etc...
  • EX: Baby wipes and grease being flushed for 5 years caused a blockage
  • These are all the things that can go wrong without consistent inspections!
  • This information is shared to help other people avoid tank tragedies!
  • Optional
  • Please let us know the detail of your Tank Tale!
  • Max. file size: 20 MB.


This was one of the best interactions I've had with excellent customer service. Called the day before and got service the next morning. Communication was excellent and Anthony and TJ went above and beyond taking care of my septic issues. Prompt, courteous and showed up exactly when they said they would. Price was even with most other companies. Would recommend to all and would not hesitate to use them again.
Todd Mason

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ASAP septic is a company you can definitely count on. After being let down by the company that actually has my maintenance contract, ASAP stepped in to take care of the problem that I have had. Professional service, great price, and quality people! ASAP is a good company, and I highly recommend them!
Scott Miller

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Called at 8PM on a Wednesday night with Septic concerns, they were out at 12:30 the next day (only a half hour into their four hour window) and were finished in less than an hour. Very reasonably priced considering the prompt service. Thanks!

Amanda Chandiramani

11/14/2019, Facebook Review